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Testimonial for Ann and Andrew Monaghan

So many members of OiR Ayr have been lucky enough to have enjoyed Ann and Andrew’s holiday breaks, both at home and abroad, and also their day trips nearer to home. For health reasons, Ann and Andrew have indicated that they will no longer be organising short breaks at home, or holidays abroad. They hope to continue to organise their excellent day trips.

So many of us wish to show our appreciation to Ann and Andrew for the pleasure that they have given us over past years. Following consultation with them, and allowing time for Andrew’s hospital inputs in November, we have agreed to arrange an OiR “thank-you” event in January 2020. Following discussion at Executive Committee meetings, it has been agreed that we organise an Afternoon Tea in Ayr Town Hall, with round tables with white table cloths and outside catering. Attendance at this event is open to anyone who has participated in their wonderful breaks.

I have agreed to co-ordinate the arrangements for this event and would welcome inputs from anyone who would like to help to organise the afternoon’s proceedings. I would like to have a meeting with those involved, in the OiR office, at a time when it is closed to the public. Please contact me if you would like to be involved.

Ann and Andrew would like to display some of their many photographs taken on the holidays over the years, and allow those present to reminisce.

As more details for the event are finalised, these will be shared with members.

Margaret Bowman

 Civic Reception at Ayr Town Hall hosted by Provost Helen Moonie to celebrate Volunteers’ Week (June 2019)

AGE SCOTLAND Early Stage Dementia Project:  93,000 people in Scotland have dementia, a number expected to rise steeply over coming years.  Dementia is a serious topic, but that doesn't mean that learning about it can't be fun.  In fact learning, that's enjoyable, is more likely to be remembered.  That's why Age Scotland has designed workshops so that everyone can join in and have fun.  Free dementia awareness workshops for Age Scotland Member Groups, of which OiR Ayr is one.  The workshops cover:

  • Dementia - what it is, its early signs and symptoms
  • How to communicate with and include someone who has early stage dementia
  • How to reduce the risk of getting dementia
Short workshop (60-90 minutes) Ideal for speaker slots at group meetings - up to 32 participants.

Long workshop (2½ hours) Ideal for volunteers in more formal roles and staff members - up to 16 participants.

Tel: 0333 323 2400 or email  You will find lots of helpful information and advice on the Early Stage Dementia Project on the Age Scotland website.

Thinking of starting your own activity group?

You don’t  need to look for premises, we’ll do that for you.
You don’t need a constitution, the OiR constitution covers you.
You don’t need to open a bank account, the OiR has one.
You don’t need public liability insurance, the OiR has that in place.
You don’t need a web site, The OiR can create a page for you on the OiR web site.

All you need to provide is a good idea for an activity, along with a few enthusiasts, and we’ll do the rest.

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