Group Leaders' Page (Updated  17/03/2020)

Coronavirus precautions

The OiR committee had an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss the issue of the Coronavirus and our membership, the majority of which are in the “most at risk” category. 

Following government directives, all OiR group activities will stop until further notice. 

To be absolutely clear; the office will be cancelling all OiR bookings at all venues, and any group meetings held from that date will not be OiR supported and will therefore not be covered by OiR insurance. The AGM due to be held on Tuesday 21st April has also been postponed.
The Group Leader’s meeting is also postponed but will be a priority as soon as it is safe to arrange. 
The wellbeing of our members must be our prime consideration, and whilst this was a difficult decision, it was a unanimous one. Like everyone, we look forward to the situation improving, but it is unlikely that things will return to normal for some months to come.The OiR office is now closed to personal visitors, but will be contactable by phone or email between 10am and 2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

We are very concerned about members who may be extremely isolated during the coming months. We want to encourage any member who is in this situation, to contact the office or a committee member for support and advice, or simply a chat. If you are aware of members in your group who may need this support, could you please let the office know so we can be pro-active by contacting them occasionally to check how they are coping. We will keep you updated with any news and updates will be posted on the website and Facebook page. (   and ) We will be sending out messages by email and with the new newsletter, but if you are able to let your group members know, we would be grateful if you could do so. Best wishes to you, stay safe! OiR committee.

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