Walking - Friday fortnightly Short Walks 1 (Updated  11/01/2020)

Group Leader           Now under Joint Leadership
Point of contact       Frank Crawley 01292 445314
Location                 Meet at Millbrae Car Park, Ayr
Day & Time Friday fortnightly 9.30 am Continuous

Change of Leadership

The Friday short walks have evolved into a very social and relaxed event ending with a lunch in a nearby cafe. The objective of friendship and conviviality has been achieved.

Unfortunately the leader for 8 years, Frank Crawley, must now bow out for reasons of “age”;  joints ache and the wind is short. The good news is that there will be a joint leadership of the walk so the group will continue with a sharing of the duties. It is hoped that the transition will take place over the next couple of months.

There should be no change of intent only the leadership.  Frank will still remain the point of contact for the group and OiR. I thank most sincerely so many of the walk members for the willingness to maintain the function and run this walk. I have found this very encouraging. 

Frank Crawley

FRIDAY SHORT WALKS                                                     January 2020 to June 2020

Frank Crawley  01292 445314/07763339667 (Non-drivers, if planning to walk, please phone day before a walk)
Meet at Millbrae car park at 9.30 to fill cars except*. Those receiving a lift, please give driver modest contribution to petrol.

3rd Jan.*                                  AYR PROM                                     Meet at 10.00 at Cromwell Road car park. 
31st. Jan.*                                RIVER AYR                                      Meet at Millbrae at 10:00-Burns Lunch at College

14th. Feb.*                               HOSPITAL WALK                            Meet at Ayr Bus Station for bus 52 at 09:40

28th Feb.                                 KAY & DEAN PARKS                       Meet at Dean park, Kilmarnock at 10:00

13th. Mar.                               EGLINTON PARK                             Meet at Eglinton Country park 10:00

27th Mar.                                 STRAITON                                       Meet at Straiton car park at 10:00

10th Apr.                                 DUMFRIES HOUSE                          Meet at Visitor Centre at 10:00

24th Apr.                                 AYR PARKS                                      Meet at Castle Walk car park(turn right at end of Earl’s Way)

8th May                                   BARGANY                                        Meet at Bargany pond at 10:00.(entrance £2.00)

22nd.May                                CULZEAN                                         Meet at Maidens at 10:00.

5th. June                                  AYR CYCLE TRACK                          Meet at Links Road Car park at 10:00. Retun by foot or bus.

19th June                                 MAUCHLINE                                    Meet at car park behind Fairburn Hotel at 10:00

The Friday short walks are better described as casual walking with a natter or blether.  The locations are roughly within 15 miles of Ayr.

The objective of these walks is not just to have a scenic walk but primarily for people to ‘get out of the house’, meet others and have companionship.

The walks are on a fortnightly basis and, for the most part, circular routes of about 3 to 4 miles on surfaced paths or, in the case of parks, secure earth tracks.  The speed is dictated by the attendees, though it is usually slow and casual. 

For those without transport who require a lift, the meeting place is Millbrae car park at 0930 where the available cars can be filled.  Those receiving a lift, please give driver modest contribution to petrol.

For those with transport who drive straight to the start point, the start time is 1000.

There is a conscious effort made to avoiding steep rises and roads, but this is not always possible.

Where possible the start and end points of the walks are near a café or coffee shop where the walk can end in a socially convivial manner, again this is not always possible.

Without any intention of insulting the group, the average age is probably just over 70 so there is a constant recycling of members as they find that the 3 to 4 miles becomes outside their limits and younger members join.

The typical walking numbers are 12 to 15 per walk dependent upon the weather and holidays.

This leaves a quandary! As the objective of the walks is ‘companionship’ it would be nice to have a senior group of maybe 6 or 8 who could join the main group for a walk of about 2 miles in the same area and then rejoin them later for a coffee. This should be possible with the vast proportion of the existing walks, but will require a sub-group of leaders of maybe 4 to 6 who would take it in rotation (four times per year) to ‘lead’ the very short walks.

If you are interested in the walks, or assisting in the ‘shorter walks’, please contact: Anne or Frank Crawley on 01292 445314.

Friday 6th December 2019
OiR Friday walk at The Stables Belleisle

18th October 2017
Friday Walking 'Consortium'.

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