Tai Chi - Improvers

Group Leader       Martin Wilkinson

Instructor Kate Wilkinson

Location               Newton Wallacetown Church Hall

Day & Time Thursday             09.45 am

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  • Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese health exercise where the mind, the breath and the body work in unison.  This leads to a state of relaxation.  
  • It is particularly suitable for older people as the movements are soft and slow. 
  • Its health benefits are varied - reduction of stress, blood pressure and heart rate, increased flexibility and mobility in the joints, and improved balance, concentration, coordination and strength in the legs
  • Slow, deep, abdominal breathing is encouraged, and the breath is coordinated with the movements of the exercise.
  • Each class consists of a short warm-up routine, followed by a demonstration and tuition of the Form (a sequence of 37 postures) and exercises, concluding with a cool down routine, leaving you in a state of physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Regular attendance at the class definitely helps with remembering the movements of the Form.
  • Comfortable loose clothing should be worn, and flat shoes or trainers are recommended.  

Views from our latest Tai Chi and Tea session, when all three groups meet together


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