Photography 1 - Wednesday

Group Leader Avril Lees 01292 475996
Location Loudon Hall
Wednesday 10.00 am - 12.00 pm

This is an enthusiastic group who meet in sessions run from September to December, and January to end of April.  During the summer months planned visits to outdoor venues are enjoyed by smaller sections of the group (weather permitting).

There is a diversity of skill in the membership and the aim is always to adopt an attitude of improvement through learning from other members and visitors. With this uppermost in mind a programme is adopted, using ‘workshops’ and the ‘know-how’ of visitors to the group‘s advantage.  The group holds an annual exhibition, which is a window into what the members have achieved as individuals, plus they have an internal competition.

2016 went out in a whirlwind of Summer Outings, where we visited many places, enjoying both the history of each site and testing many coffee shops. These outings are always enjoyable, they enable us to form friendships and get to know new members outwith Louden Hall.

Our Winter programme taught us about our camera functions, hands on laptop tutorials, members' presentations and guest speakers'.

We have in house digital competitions eg, 'It’s a Knockout' (an elimination photographic game), guest speakers, 'Do and Review', where we are given two subjects to go out and photograph. We then look and review each photo, giving constructive advice on how we can improve the said subjects.

We were lucky to be invited to Whitlettes Victoria FC to take photographs in 2016. These photos were posted on their website and Twitter giving both clubs publicity.  We are going to work with them this year also.  It’s been a unique opportunity to learn about sports photography.  It takes a bit of practice, but is very rewarding when you get that action photo you’ve been waiting for. This is an ongoing event for all that are interested in this type of photography.

Our annual exhibition was, as usual, held in Carnegie Library and, thankfully, was a great success with many members of the public enjoying a look at our work. Some of the photo’s from our print competition were included.

Our year ended with a quiz, with our very own quiz master, James McLelland, which was followed by a lovely Christmas lunch at Cecchini’s Restaurant.

Below is photo’s of the group, winners of our print competition and also of members who were commended for their work.

The last few months as Leader of the group has been both enjoyable and challenging.  We have a lot of fun, serve good coffee/tea and chocolate biscuits all wrapped up in a welcoming atmosphere.  We all help each other to improve our photography.  We have had a lot of new members join us who have been a pure joy, each one participating in everything I’ve asked them to do. So why not come along, Wednesday mornings, Louden Hall, 9.30am for coffee with a prompt start at 10 am.

For more information contact Avril Lees, Group Leader or Tel:  01292 475996

Posted 14.08.17

Please click this link for a Summer 2017 review from Avril, as well as her recent Sma'Shot Cottages photograph shown below.   New members always welcome.  


Wednesday Photography Group Awards - Posted 15.04.17

Our recent Photographic Club Digital Competition resulted in an excellent number of entries. We had four categories,

Every member had the opportunity to submit one photograph under each theme.  The images of each category were shown in turn and we, the members, were the judges voting for the best three in each.  

Judging photographs opens up a literal can of worms.  What are you looking for?  There are numerous aspects to consider. What initial impact does it have on the observer?  Do you like the composition and perspective, or does the lighting draw your attention? Is it technically correct according to the basic rules of photography? It is said that rules are made to be broken and this can result in interesting images.  Is there a story to be told in the image, or is it just fun and makes you laugh?  

There is, of course, the overriding factor of subjectivity.  Most photographers have a pet subject, whether it is Land/Seascapes, Wildlife, Portraits, Street Photography, Work Related, Abstract etc.  All these aspects have a bearing on one’s judgement and this was seen in our final results as we had a number of joint 1sts, 2nds and 3rds.  We did consider having an elimination round but consensus of opinion was to leave it as it was judged.  So you, the viewer have even more photographs to enjoy or indeed criticise.  

Our aim is to improve our photographic techniques but above all is to have fun.  If you are interested in photography and like what you see, why not join us on a Wednesday morning at the Loudoun Hall between 10.00hrs. – 12.00 hours.  Our Leader Avril Lees and all our members will make you very welcome, whatever your ability.

While discussing the competition I cannot be remiss and not mention a highly valued member of the Club, namely Rae Gold.

Rae is our expert on running competitions such as this.  We hand in our images one week and seven days later Rae appears to take charge with all photographs categorised, in order and ready for viewing.  This entails a vast amount of work and dedication so thank you Rae, your work is much appreciated.

So folks, enjoy your look around our website and be inspired. Click on the link to each category in blue above and take pleasure in the winning photographs.  We look forward to seeing you.  Avril can be contacted on 01292 475996

Congratulations to all those who have achieved awards and thank you for all entries.  Frank Ferrier.

The Annual Wednesday Photographic Exhibition was held in the Carnegie Library, Ayr, from 8th November until 3rd December 2016.  Corri Wilson MP, opened the exhibition and was presented with a beautiful floral gift by Group Leader, Avril Lees.

Three members of OiR Executive Committee attended - Betty Frew, Amy Kinnaird and Alice Muir. Avril Lees welcomed us very warmly and enthusiastically while outlining the work of the group.  Avril cultivates a supportive, non-competitive environment in her group's activities and it seemed to us that every member contributes and takes something away in return.


Walking around the area, it was clear to us that the photographs touch on many subjects and are incredibly beautiful - you have to see them for yourself.   

Make plans to visit, and take your friends. The best way to see the exhibition and learn about, what we believe are award winning images, is to put the exhibition in your calendar and be there.

Thank you so much for your invitation, Avril - we enjoyed every single minute.  AliceM offers apologies to the group for taking such poor quality photos.


The result of the above has been submitted by Douglas Wilson and is attached here.  Sincere congratulations to the very worthy winners.

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