Monthly Lunches - 3 Groups

Group 1 Leader Anne McBride (will shortly be changing) 01292 289940
Group 2 Leader Maggie Roebuck 01292 289960 

                As of April 2016 The No. 2 Lunch Group would now meet on Saturdays only

Group 3 Leader John Turnbull

Location Refer to leader

Day & Time Saturday or Sunday 12.30 pm Groups 1 & 2 13.30 pm Group 3

Posted 13.06.17    Group Leader, Anne McBride, has informed us that, sadly, she has to resign as leader of both The Monthly Lunch and Early Supper Club, due to present family commitments.  She is keen to find a replacement Group Leader of The Monthly Lunch or Early Supper Club, or both, as early as possible and,  invites you to get in touch on 01202 289940 if you'd like to talk about it further.

Anne will organise lunch at The Merdian on 2nd July and also the supper at The Waterfront on 8th July.  We'd like to thank Anne for her commitment to OiR Ayr and for making both clubs a great success.  

Good luck in your retirement, Anne - we hope it's temporary!  

The monthly lunch group started in June 2012 and has become so popular that two more groups have now formed, and still there is a waiting list for others hopeful of joining one of these groups.  As well as that, some members of The Monthly Lunch Club, are also members of The Early Supper Club.

The group meets up first on a Saturday of one month, and then on the Sunday of the next month, with the first group meeting at the beginning of the month, the second group meeting at the end of the month and the third group meeting around the middle of the month.  See here for list of eateries from April to August 2016.

Please contact Anne, Maggie or John no later than three days before the monthly lunch date. If you are an OiR member registered with one of these groups, and would like to come along, your name will be added to the list for that date. If there is no immediate answer please leave a message on the answer machine remembering to include name and contact number.

Please note:  The Early Supper Club and the Lunch Club have come together at times for ‘events’ and we recently visited Ayr Town Hall to see The Dublin Legends, as well as now looking forward to seeing Dominic Kirwan in Ayr Town Hall at the end of March.  Last year the Lunch Group went to see an Abba Tribute at The Gaiety. 

Lunch at Vitos Restaurant


Monthly Lunch Club Venue dates 2016-2017 available here.

Please contact Anne McBride on 01292 289940 for further details


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