GMT [Get Moving with Technology]

Group Leader Pat Kane     01292 282929 

Venue Prestwick Community Centre - Room 6

Day & Time Monday Every 2 weeks   1.30-3.00 pm

Posted 23.01.17

Names are now being taken for the August 2017 GMT sessions.  Please contact the OiR office or Pat Kane, Group Leader.

Posted 17.11.16

Get Moving with Technology (GMT) update

From an initial idea, shared by a small group of OiR individuals a few months back, I am delighted to announce that we now have a very interesting, beneficial, and highly entertaining new OiR Group where various aspects of modern technology and high tech devices, such as personal computers, smart phones and tablets are explained to our group members in an easy to understand manner.

Never having done anything like this before was a real challenge. Would OiR members be interested? A few weeks after having issued a GMT survey form I quickly realised that there was a great interest and high demand within the OiR for this activity.

What about technical presenters to perform the actual tuition presentation?  No worries here as John & Denis Rattenbury, both regular OiR town hall speakers with a passion for high tech devices, were both keen to participate.  Along with OiR folk club members Geoff Gunn and Tom McCorrie, both retired IT managers, we were extremely fortunate in having such a talented and eager to participate group of individuals within our organisation.

The GMT group started off in September and has been an outstanding success. Meeting every two weeks at Prestwick Community Centre, our presenters have been covering subjects such as Introduction to PC, file management, the internet, smart phones and tablets (Android & Apple).

Our first programme of meetings (September to December) was fully booked (30+), and a second phase is planned commencing in Jan 2017 (also fully booked 30+), A third programme is also being drawn up to accommodate the 3rd reserve list names.

Many thanks to the presenters for their efforts and commitment, and many thanks also to all the attendees for their support. 

And finally, a message to those on the waiting list, please be patient we will get to you.

Regards - Pat Kane

Photos of the group, demonstrating great concentration, are shown below (16.09.16)

Posted 26.10.16

Hi Folks,

As suggested at Monday's GMT presentation (24.10.16), I have now set up a dedicated email address to allow you to contact me - it's  Please feel free to use this email address for posting questions relating to the GMT programme. I will act as coordinator and, in conjunction with presenters, will follow up with appropriate answers.

Please share this information with other GMT participants.

Pat Kane

GMT Group Leader

Posted 16.09.16

Monday 12th September 2016 at Prestwick Community Centre saw the first GMT (Get Moving with Technology) presentation take place.  A packed room full of OiR members, eager to catch up on the continuous journey of new technology, attentively watched, listened and then asked questions to presenter John Rattenbury who delivered a first class presentation on “Introduction to PC’s”.

Due to the high demand, as can been seen in the photos below, this group is now at full capacity.  However, a reserve list has been compiled and discussions are already in place for a second group to be formed.  Many thanks to all those involved and to our OiR audience for making this first day an outstanding success. 

Pat Kane - GMT group leader

Posted 09.09.16

Mobile Phones and Tablet Taster - A new presentation video - out now - showing on this page of our website - please get in touch for future sessions. 

Posted 18.08.16

The new “Get Moving with Technology” (GMT) group will commence in Room 6 at Prestwick Community Centre on Monday 12th September from 13:00-15:00 and every two weeks thereafter. 

All the gentleman named below are OiR members and have previously held IT positions with various organisations.

  • The first three sessions will be presentations on Introduction to Personal Computers” and will be presented by John and Denis Rattenbury.  
  • Sessions 4, 5, 6 and 7 will cover Smart Phones and Tablets and will be presented by Geoff Gunn and Tom McCrorie.
  • Session 8 will cover Digital Photography Basics along with Digital Printing and will be presented by Denis Rattenbury.

Feedback from recent GMT survey forms has resulted in an excellent demand for this group. Unfortunately, we are now at maximum capacity with the sessions restricted to only those OiR members who completed a survey form, or indicated a specific interest.

Those who completed a survey form will be contacted directly with further details.  We look forward to welcoming you to this course and hope you are as excited as we are about starting this learning journey together! 

Further GMT sessions will take place in the Spring of 2017.

Pat Kane GMT Group Leader

Posted 25.07.16

Pat Kane advises that thanks to the take-up on his invitation on 21.06.16 (still listed below) to GET MOVING WITH TECHNOLOGY (GMT), a new group has been formed.  It will commence in September 2016 and further information will be forthcoming in the near future.  It's not too late to fill in your questionnaire and note your field of interest.  Please return it to the OiR office as early as possible. A copy of the questionnaire is also available for uplifting from the OiR office.

Are you fighting tooth & nail to avoid being drawn into using new technology?  Or, would you like to get more involved, if you only knew how?  If that sounds familiar to you, Pat Kane would like to persuade you to find out more.  

Pat has compiled a questionnaire outlining some of the subjects he thinks may interest you - the list is not exhaustive.  If you'd like to 'adapt to change' Pat would be grateful to have your feedback by asking you to complete the attached questionnaire here.  

Find out if there's something in the list you'd like to learn or just know more about it.  There's no commitment on your part; if you change your mind about joining the group (whatever size it may be), you can do so - you're under no obligation. Once you've completed the questionnaire, please return it to the OiR office as early as possible. A copy of the questionnaire is also available for uplifting from the OiR office. 

If you're not already a member of OiR, please join us - the membership form is also available from the OiR office.  So many of our members joined to make use of one particular group only to find that the enthusiasm from other members had them joining a few others, but the choice is always yours. 

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