Cycling - 2 - Short Cycle Runs

Group Leader Jean Lockley 01292 570858
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Day & Time Thursday Fortnightly Refer to leader for timings

We are a young group, very much enjoying each others company.

You will find the group on the local cycle tracks and on the minor roads radiating out from the promenade in Prestwick or from the River Ayr near the Carnegie Library -- our two favoured meeting places.

While we enjoy coastal runs, we like to venture into the depths of the Ayrshire countryside, into the back of beyond, sticking to the very minor roads.

While we maintain an acceptably speedy progress along the route of the day, there is always time to take in the views, get out the camera, or exchange a comment;  and especially, we share a chat and a laugh over light refreshments.

As far as possible we eschew the major roads and daunting hills. We hope we are always careful and considerate cyclists.

Our cycles are in good order and of course we wear all the necessary gear.


THE PINEAPPLE     Posted 25.08.16

Jean Lockley has whetted your fruity appetite in the Autumn 2016 Newsletter.  She's given a little taste of her visit to The Pineapple.  If you'd like to visit too it's here.  

But wait ... there's more ... because the snippet you read in the Autumn Newsletter (2016) was not the whole story of the Pineapple visit.  No ... indeed there is more, which we're hoping to feature in the Winter newsletter, so we just know you're waiting with baited breath.     

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