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Posted 18.09.16

We are starting another Tuesday cycle run to compliment the "Big boys runs" lead by Jim Dillett, also on a Tuesday .

I shall be starting a moderately-paced run on most Tuesday mornings and would like anyone, who would like to consider joining us, to contact me.  The distances will be less than 25 miles and include the vital coffee (including , tea, scones, filled rolls) stop.

Regrettably the Tuesday cycling groups are now full and we no longer have spaces on these Tuesday runs. 

Please note we still hold the occasional meeting of the Cycling Adventures group, which does not appear on any of the OiR group lists.

I have included some pictures taken this week of the group experiencing a chance to "try a tandem bike", which I organised using a few tandems I had in my cycle collection.  It was a great success and here's some proof "OiR Ayr  Tuesday Touring Tandem Team plan day trip to Cape Wrath" 

We would expect any one who joins us to be on solos, and we accept any serviceable bike.  

The Main Cycling Group, and the Cycling Adventures Group, meet on Tuesday and Thursday every week of the year and the Short Runs Group meets every Tuesday.  If the conditions are unsafe they meet for a chat or a workshop.

Our main requirements of members are to have a profound sense of humour and a wish to enjoy our local countryside in a different way.

We have four groups:

  1. ‘The Main Cycling Group’ cycles upwards of 25 miles miles and never more than 45 miles (although we always claim far greater distances).
  2. We also have a ‘Cycling Adventures Group’ who will travel further away on more challenging adventures and for perhaps several days.
  3. A third group are the ‘New Routes Group’ who will search out new (to us) areas and routes to take the main group to. They meet on a convenient day or days and are more informal.
  4. The Tuesday group now cycle distances of between 15 - 25 miles at a smart pace.
  5. The new Tuesday  group , the 'Tuesday Moderate Runs Group' will cycle distances of less than 25 miles at a modest pace.  We place great importance in the coffee stops on each run and will support new members.  We have places for five new members of the new group.                                                                                                                                                                               


  • We expect all members and their bikes to be in a fit state to complete the runs. 
    I would emphasize that you do not need an expensive or even new bike to cycle with us.  'Old Alan', the cycle group contact  person and leader of many runs, usually rides bikes more than twenty-five-years old .
  • We always have a coffee or lunch stop at a cafe, or pub, except in the summer when we may have a picnic.
  • We are developing a list of cycle routes in the area which can be seen at the OiR office on the Memory Map database.
  • The Main Group and the Cycling Adventures will be led by a leader who has checked the route and meal stops before the group outing.
  • On Thursdays, if the conditions are against us, we meet for a coffee, or I do a workshop to cover any cycle related questions the group may have. We thrive on our sense of humour and our joy in the local countryside (not forgetting the coffee and pub stops).


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