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Activities for 2017/2018.   Please refer to the activity descriptors opposite for further information on times, venues and group leaders.  A video showing group activity photos can be viewed on this page

You may participate in any activity twice before deciding to join OiR.  

Before joining an activity you should know our "Limitation of liability"

OiR Ayr does not assess the fitness of its members to participate in any of its various activities.  The decision on your fitness lies with yourself, in conjunction with any medical advice that you might wish to take.  It is your responsibility to ensure your personal safety and that of your belongings.

- thank you for doing many (if not all and more) of the following examples and being there for your group:
  • starting each group session with a warm and happy 'hello'.
  • leaving family and friend’s responsibilities at home. 
  • preparing separate time outwith your group – sometimes to find discussion points or researching speakers.
  • making members, and would be members, feel comfortable and welcomed.
  • leading on the days you just do not want to lead.
  • tolerating other people’s mess who don’t work as tidily as you.
  • leaving your ‘pet’ at home.
  • turning up when you’re in the middle of a really bad argument with a family member.
  • giving free advice of all descriptions.
  • not taking your members for granted
  • finding ways to celebrate special events like birthdays, anniversaries, and special moments.
  • taking in snacks or treats for tea-break time.
  • giving up your own hobbies and pastimes.
  • turning up when you’d rather be spending time with a sick friend.
  • thanking your members for joining your group        
  • dealing with difficult group members.
  • spending time outside of your group, and with your group, to get to know them.
  • regularly adjusting and adapting to increasing or decreasing groups and other changes.
  • ending your group’s day with a cheery goodbye.
  • sharing your stories and experiences to encourage light-heartedness.
  • foregoing whatever you’re supposed to be doing with your family    
  • making sure no-one ever feels out of place.      
  • going that little bit further than you have to just because you’re an OiR Ayr Group Leader. 
  • giving us feedback – it helps us grow.
We hope you recognise yourself in many of the above areas.  We want you to know that we think OiR Ayr Group Leaders are the best in the business - bar none! 

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