In 2016, with around 1300 members, our unrestricted income was £47,487.  74% of this income came from member’s subscriptions along with their contribution to room rents. The continued support and generosity of our members raised an additional £5,357 from fundraising activities, along with a fantastic £2,377 raised from member’s kind donations (increase of 45% from 2015) which generates further funds by qualifying for gift aid. A big thank you to all of our members for their continued financial support.

DONATIONS are the icing on our cake

OiR Ayr is supported and sustained through membership fees, volunteers, monetary donations, grants and fundraising ventures.  We also welcome the regular donations that groups and individuals provide and which makes a valuable contribution to our future success. We publish and thank everyone who donates to us in our quarterly newsletter, though some prefer to remain anonymous.

Please remember GIFT AID makes your donations go further

For every pound you give us, OiR can claim an additional 25p from HMRC. 

If you, or your group would care to make a donation, please contact, or forward your donation to Caroline at our office, or click the "mydonate" button at the top right hand side of this page.  

It is with much appreciation and thanks that we acknowledge the very kind gesture of a legacy of £200 (shown below) & £70 from the recently deceased, Mrs Helen Christison of Broompark Avenue, Ayr.  This thoughtful gift, when added to OiR funds, will be used to assist in the day-to-day administration of our organisation.

22nd July 2017  As reported on The Insider on this website from the SPEAKERS MEETING 18TH JULY 2017: Pat Kane announced that he had received a letter addressed to the Chair of OiR from a member, who wished to remain anonymous, enclosing a cheque for £500 which increases by another £125 with Gift Aid added.  Thanks to Amy Kinnaird for passing us this very important piece of information.  Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation goes to the anonymous donor who considers OiR Ayr worthy of such a generous donation which will help us make a difference to our member's lives. 

The following donations have also been acknowledged and gratefully accepted. 
Summer 2017  Holiday Club £230 
   Folk Music £150 
   Cycling £5 
   Anonymous £74 
   Spring Forward Event £251.05 
Spring 2017  Anonymous £50 
   Cycling £100 
   Folk Music £60 
   Walking Group    £123.05 
Winter 2016  Sheila Roebuck  £100
   Anonymous  £185
   Coffee Morning   £1768 
Summer 2016  Folk Music Fundraiser  £470
   Legacy    £70
   Badminton Group    £75
   Guitar Group    £50
   Croquet Group    £35
Summer 2016  Raffle  £246
   Knitting Group    £10 
   Men's Mobility Group    £30
Spring 2016  Town Hall    £112 
   History Group  £100
   Subscriptions  £153
   Badminton    £50
   Ann & Andrew Monaghan    £20
   Legacy  £200
Winter 2015  History Group  £100
   Anonymous    £94 
Autumn 2015  Knitting Group    £30 
   Badminton Group    £50
   Anonymous    £18
Summer 2015  Anonymous    £70
  Choir    £40
Spring 2015  Tennis Club    £50
   Badminton Group    £50 
   Anonymous    £50
Winter 2014  Folk Music Group    £50
   Anonymous    £18


Have you considered leaving us a gift in your Will?   Understandably, this is an idea that not everyone considers, because it may be a sensitive issue.   A Legacy is a very special way of supporting OiR Ayr, would meet the needs of members over 50 and would preserve your link with us.

After you’ve taken care of your family and friends in your Will, please contemplate leaving a small percentage of your estate to OiR Ayr. Your Legacy needn’t be large, but it would make a huge difference to our independently run charity in the future.  What's more, gifts to OiR Ayr in a will, are exempt from inheritance tax.  If you leave us a gift it will be paid from your estate, before inheritance tax liabilities are calculated. 

If you’ve already made a gift to us, we’d love it if you let us know

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